Smells Like Wealth Candle

Smells Like Wealth Candle

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  • Smells Like Wealth Candle
  • Smells Like Wealth Candle
  • Smells Like Wealth Candle


Why do you keep smelling the same smells over and over again? 
In the infinite sea of potentials that exist around us, how come you keep re-creating the same realities?
You no longer need to live in this self-made prison of smells.
When you smell this candle, you’ll think that Profit hand-picked the finest ingredients from his very own garden; delicate jasmine petals, vetiver, and rhubarb, then combined the oils of coconut sandalwood and teak - the very same materials he built his own mansion with. Now you too can experience such abundance by simply lighting this candle, as it will trick your nose into thinking you’re in the presence of Profit. It’s the very first candle to smell like real wealth.

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Hand poured & made with coconut wax
Burn time: 80 hours
Vegan - Beeswax Free & Paraben Free
Fragrance oil, Essential oil blends*

“The nose is a highway to the mind. Get ready to smell and feel wealthy.”- Prophet Ezekiel Profit

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