Meaningful Existence is the lifestyle and wellness COMMUNITY founded, run, and ruled by Prophet Ezekiel Profit.

Based on the teachings of Profit, WE HAVE one simple goal: to spread joy throughout the universe by Monetizing Happiness.

Here at Meaningful Existence, we believe that no one is born into happiness. You have to work and earn money, and then buy it. In a complicated world full of stress and doubt, we’re here to show you how much simpler things can really be when you allow us to take Complete Unrelenting Control.

So welcome, we’re happy you found us. We will be the shirt on your back, the sweatshirt on top of the shirt, the slides on your feet, the blanket that tucks you in at night and, most importantly, the smile on your face.

Meaningful Existence is everything, everything except a cult. PURCHASE our products and see for yourself. To quote our leader, Prophet Ezekiel Profit: “Meaningful Existence is definitely not a cult.”

Welcome to the future. The more you pay, the better everything gets™


Prophet Ezekiel Profit is a renowned spiritual advisor, master of finance, and world-class conch blower.

He’s the author of twelve books, including the LIFE-CHANGING, “Meaningful Existence: Monetizing Happiness”.
He resides at the Meaningful Existence headquarters, a 20,000 square foot beachside compound where he instructs his followers on how to live a better life through monetizing happiness.


Q: When I have a cold glass of water, why does a puddle form below the cup?
Am I so clumsy that I spill every time?
A: Being clumsy has nothing to do with it. That small puddle forms due to condensation.


Q: How do doorbells work? Are there speakers inside the walls of everyone's homes?
A: Yes


Q: Does Meaningful Existence take returns?
A: Are you sure you want to do that? You’re sure? Ok. Click HERE


Q: I have another question and would like to contact Meaningful Existence.
A: I’m sure you do have a question. Life has many questions.
Click HERE for Prophet Ezekiel Profit’s answer.


Q: How come cans of soup can go months, even years without going bad.
There’s chicken in there! How does it not rot?
A: Not sure – I’m not a chef, I’m a spiritual advisor.


Q: How do huge boats sit on top of water? Don’t they literally weigh tons?
A: Huge boats, such as yachts and cruise ships, have legs at the bottom of them
that extend to the bottom of the ocean.


Q: How do telephone poles get made?


Q: Will buying Meaningful Existence products really bring joy to my life?
A: Yeah!


Q: Why do eyes get baggy when they’re tired?
A: Eyes getting baggy isn’t a sign of being tired; it’s a sign of sadness.
The cure for sadness is buying happiness 😊


Q: What makes Meaningful Existence’s clothing better than other companies’ clothing?
A: Our clothes contain more energy. Profit personally rubs energy rocks on every item,
transmitting thousands of calories of energy, which, when the Meaningful Existence products are used,
are converted into happiness. Our clothes are better.